The Signature Slim Coat Hanger (Set of 10)


The Signature Slim Coat Hanger is ideal for blazers, coats and even bulky sweaters. It maintains the shape of your garment’s shoulders without taking up space.  As with all our hangers, the Coat Hanger is flocked in a velvety non-slip material, ensuring your garments stay put. And because we use the highest quality composites and fabric, our clothing hangers never snap, unlike other brands on the market. We guarantee you’ll find our hangers to be longer lasting and better for your clothes than the competition.

  • Skinny, 1/5” profile saves space
  • Rounded shoulders specifically designed to maintain garment shape
  • 18” width and super-durable composition stands up to heavy and broad-shouldered garments as well as any wooden hanger
  • Shorter vertical drops maximize vertical space in your closet

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