One serving of closet-envy, coming right up

Posted on December 05, 2013 by Melanie Charlton

Behind-the-doors of the world’s most coveted closets with Melanie Charlton. We want!
Where: Park Avenue, NYC
Sq footage: 1200
Number of custom pieces designed/commissioned: 5
Budget: 300k

What were the first things you asked this client? 
The very first thing was: How do we want to handle your jewelry? The client has such an incredible collection and we wanted to make sure it was displayed just right. We built this closet around two centerpieces: her accessories and the view from the window.

What was a unique challenge that arose out of this closet?
We needed some extra storage space for the wardrobe, so we turned the vanity by the window into just that.

Any unique requests?
In addition to traditional lighting throughout the closet spaces, the client wanted to light the interior of the island.

What custom pieces did the closet require?
Hardware, jewelry storage and a safe are all custom.

What piece of clothing or jewelry or accessory made you drool the most?
I got lightheaded and giddy over her stunning Van Clef vintage necklace and a crocodile Hermes bag. Total swoon.

What boutique/look/feel inspired you and your client?
Dior and Jimmy Choo. We were inspired (copied!) their clean palates with lots of white for an aesthetic that is bright, graceful and luxurious.

What are your tips to making a smaller square footage space or a standard reach-in feel like this?
A simple trick is: use the color white. Decorator's white or a dove white paint makes a small pace seem larger.



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