App We Love: Shop Your Wardrobe with Cyber Closet

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Kathleen Harris

Ever dreamed of having endless closet space and your entire wardrobe catalogued at the tap of a finger. Or, you could browse your clothes by color? By designer? By style? Now it’s possible, and we’re not talking about the low-tech Polaroid system Cher created in Clueless.

Garde Robe, the world’s first couture, wardrobe storage service, has launched the Cyber Closet—a private digital lookbook where members can view and manage their wardrobe collections. Translation: you can shop your own closet! Want to wear your red Carolina Herrera dress to dinner but it’s in storage? No problem—Garde Robe will arrange delivery to your house so you can get dressed on time.

Here’s how it works: The Garde Robe process begins with a complimentary in-home wardrobe consultation and white-glove wardrobe collection—they take care of everything. The wardrobe is brought to Garde Robe’s loft for detailed garment inspection, cataloging, and professional photography.

Then, you can organize and tag your wardrobe via an iPad app or your own password-protected site. Want to label when you last wore that Herrera? Done. Want to categorize your clothes by event? You can do that, too. The Cyber Closet valet service is a dream come true for the closet-space constrained, fashion diarists, and anyone who loves to be truly organized. 

Bonus: Garde Robe will waive the processing fee for new members that reference Clos-ette, which represents a savings of at least $420, as well as offer complimentary cold storage for two fur coats. Valid for new members only. To take advantage of the offer, call (212) 255-3163 and reference Clos-ette, or enter Clos-ette in the “Referred By” box on Garde Robe’s Become A Member Page.

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