The Mirrored Closet You'll Wanna Move Into

Posted on January 22, 2014 by Melanie Charlton

Our newest client, a homemaker from Brooklyn with the kind of style you might not expect from a mom raising a gaggle of kids, had a budget of $200,000 and 500-square-feet to work with. The final custom-build closet proves that a sartorial sanctuary makes all the difference. And, we’re obsessed with hers mirrored lady cave. Click through and be inspired to clean up your own digs!


"I went straight into organizational business. We did an inventory and analysis of her clothing and accessories: It’s really the best place to start for any closet transformation, no matter the size. It can be very stressful for women but if you set aside time (and a helpful friend!) to go through and kind of catalog your clothes, it’s a real game changer."



"All of the exterior mirroring details were new puzzles for me."


"The drop-dead glamour of the Jimmy Choo shop really inspired the design."


"Her handbag collection is fantastic! Especially her rare Hermes options."



"My one trick to make a smaller square footage seem bigger? Mirrors! Forget about them making you the fairest of all; just revel in their depth-defying powers."



"I love the refrigerator drawers in Julie’s husband’s closet. They’re stocked now with bottled water but I like to imagine I’d have Champagne on hand. We also custom-built a rotating accessory tray with LED lighting, a security system, hardware, and the center island with velvet jewelry inserts."

Check out more behind the scenes images below, and read the full article on R29 Here


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