The dressing room guaranteed to get you on an organizational kick

Posted on January 23, 2014 by Melanie Charlton

Our client this time around is Sue, an artist with a vintage jewelry collection — and a shoe and handbag obsession! — worthy of its own separate closet. The best fix, here? An accessories-only room-come-closet, of course! She was clear from the start she wanted all English country feel, which turned out really special. Click through to see the space.




The very first thing was: How do you want to live and dress in this space? She wanted ease, ease, ease. We strove for the simplicity of separating clothes strategically by category and the benefit of a center island.





The most unique challenge that arose as the ceiling slope! Non-traditional geometry always presents challenges but also makes my work so rewarding.




I’m not exaggerating when I say the client wanted to stress organizing by separate categories! She asked for a distinct closet just for shoes and handbags. 




We went for an English country shop feel, which seemed perfect for Southampton classic elegance.




Hardware, window seats, and jewelry drawer inserts were all made just for her.




Her vintage jewelry collection is to-die-for chic.




Take her divide-and-conquer philosophy to your room with felt jewelry inserts and acrylic shelf dividers. They’re simple, cost-effective solutions that have huge payoffs.


See this article on Refinery29. More pictures below...




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