clos-ette favorites: The Veronica Beard Collection

Posted on January 29, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

If you have play-dates to drive to and dance recitals to attend, you might also know that keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends, as a busy mom, is close to impossible. But thanks to this sister-in-law duo, moms can now look totally chic behind their strollers. Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard (Yes, they have the same name) have teamed up to create a classic, iconic line of clothing – The Veronica Beard Collection. Swanson Beard, who worked in high-end fashion as well as a retail buyer, and Miele Beard, a former hedge fund manager, combined their business backgrounds with their mother’s intuition to create the ultimate, ideal clothing line for a busy, yet fashionable woman.

Their fall collection includes one single piece – The Jacket, retailing for $805 to $1,030. Leave it to this inventive family of entrepreneurs, whose relatives include photographer James Beard and vineyard owner Clarke Beard, to transform every woman’s wardrobe with just one article of clothing. The Jacket is the type of piece you can never have enough of – the type that every woman wants in every color and material. It’s as versatile as any other jacket, coming in fabrics like tweeds, bouclés, herringbones and wool with details such as piping, elbow patches and interchangeable zip-up dickeys, which give the illusion of an additional layer.

The dickeys allow every woman to personalize her outfit, while adding to the long list of appropriate venues to wear your new jacket to! The Upstate dickey includes a cream wool fisherman’s sweater, the Uptown will keep you warm in the summer with the black cashmere sweater, the Downtown is the French terry hoodie sweatshirt and the Beach dickey which boasts a nautical-stripe merino sweater. All you do is unzip one and swap it out for another! 

Their upcoming spring collection will include what they refer to as “classic, iconic pieces in a bag.” The collection will include pieces that you could essentially toss into your suitcase, drive to your summer home and be appropriately dressed for every event without planning a single outfit! The bag includes two types of clothing – done up and undone - done up being the dressier, more nighttime clothing items as opposed to the undone which outfits you for your weekends of lounging and socializing with friends at the resort.

The two new fashion moguls were inspired by other designers whose resumes also list “mother” as their primary occupation- Stella McCartney, Donna Karan, Phoebe Philo as well as classic and timeless designers such as Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta. The Veronica Beard Collection is available in Kirna Zabête and Edit in New York, Richards in Greenwich, Conn., Dressed in Santa Barbara, Roan in Richmond, Va., and Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco.

Trust your favorite shopaholics at Clos-ette, the jackets are super chic and versatile and they are going fast, so order one ASAP!

You can read more about the upcoming collections on their website,!

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