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Posted on February 09, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

Bell-Bottoms. Boyfriend. Skinny. White. Black. Blue. Dark wash. Light wash. Acid wash. Distressed. Low cut. Hip hugging.

Trends for your cut and wash may come and go but we all know that affordable jeans never go out of style. As designer denim prices skyrocket, retailing anywhere from $150 to $5,000 (Yes, I am referring to the glamorous, yet intangible, Balmain black vintage pants with allover crystal embroidery), an affordable, yet totally chic denim line is a dream come true.

Financial analyst, Angelique Soave, grew up splitting her time between New York and Detroit, discovering the need for transitional clothes. After a lifetime of traveling and a passion for fashion, Soave teamed up with her friend, and now business partner, Cameron Silver to create the missing pieces in their wardrobes. They added a touch of glamour and a hint of sophistication and united to launch a premium denim line named after Silver’s Melrose Avenue boutique, Decades. Denim may seem like an unexpected venture for Silver, having stocked his vintage boutique with gowns and tuxedos and other high-end used apparel, but he had been looking to serve as a creative director for the right, new challenge. And with Soave as his executive VP and chief merchandising officer, whom he describes as the best-dressed woman he knows, the denim line and its inevitable expansion is sure to be an enormous success.

Since its opening in 1997, Decades has been successfully selling upscale used fashions dating from the 1930s through the 1990s. Sister store, DecadesTwo opened in 2007, which sells clothing dating from the 1990s to present day. The Decades franchise is home to brands such as Jean Dessès, Ossie Clark, Cardinalli and more.
So…why denim? Soave describes denim as the foundation of a modern women’s wardrobe. It’s what women wear most often and feel most comfortable in. With its timeless style, Decades Denim will fit the needs of every modern, fashion loving female.

The premiere Holiday 2010 women’s capsule collection is thematic, focused, and sexy. Debuting in October, Decades Denim will be available in time for the holidays, providing a refined aesthetic at price value, with styles ranging from $99, $109, and $129. The line includes 11 different styles titled the Denim Trousseau, all named after iconic 20th century women.

Each style is made to have a useful place in a chic woman’s wardrobe – from a cropped cigarette shape (The Marilyn), to the extremely flattering curved- seam legging (The Martha), to a tuxedo jean with satin trim pockets (The Marlene), as well as classic styles like The Angie, a boot cut, and an all-American high waist straight leg called The Cheryl. Decades Denim created jeans that can go easily from day to night and adhere to very true, classic colors: Deep blue, midnight black, and clean white. With luxury always in mind, the line focuses on even the smallest attention to detail – from a single silver “D” ring that hangs from the back of one belt loop to zippers and tack buttons that are created from mixed metals, all adding to the brand’s unique quality.

If you’re already totally addicted to this line (like we at Clos-ette are), have no fear. Starting in the Spring of 2011, they will be expanding the line to cater to the Decades man. Silver elaborates, “The idea is to turn this into a lifestyle collection that is denim driven.” Also available this upcoming Spring are washed silks, knits, jersey and cotton.

They have also expanded the collection to include dresses, blazers, skirts and shorts. Ultimately Decades Denim will evolve into your go-to lifestyle brand, for every aspect of your wardrobe.
So stay tuned for the most up-to-date news and keep checking up on the Decades Denim website!

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