clos-ette case: Ivanka Trump

Posted on February 14, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

Given Ivanka Trump’s hectic schedule, we wonder how the blonde bombshell uber-entrepreneur has time to sleep – let alone look impeccably polished every time she steps out. But it turns out the 29-year old’s sartorial skills are just as impressive as her business resume (which, at the moment, includes her roles as a real estate exec, best-selling author, and star of The Apprentice). With her knack for seriously sleek, sophisticated looks –and an unabashed love for diamonds –it’s no surprise that her namesake jewelry line, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, is chockfull of gorgeous, vintage-inspired pieces.

clos-ette case: Ivanka Trump

Before Trump adds “motherhood” to her long list of responsibilities –she recently announced she’s expecting with husband Jared Kushner –we stole a few minutes of her time to find out how she stays so chic. (Hint: an organized closet and a healthy dose of bling go a long way). 

First up, what’s your closet like?

I definitely color-code my clothes. I also try to hang casual dresses together, office dresses together and dressier items together, so I look for items in already-compartmentalized groups.

I can have so many things going on in one day –from a board meeting to discuss one of our new hotels, to a photo shoot for my jewelry line and then a charity benefit later that night – so I have to be able to see everything in my closet. This is also where my already-formatted groups of clothes come in handy. I often change at the office, so having a handy grab n’ go makeup/hair organizer comes in very handy.

Her showroom

Ivanka Trump Jewelry Store

What’s your favorite multi-tasking accessory? 

Day-to-night earrings. As I mentioned before – I can have so many types of events and meetings to attend in one day. A great pair of earrings, like my Signature Oval Yellow Gold Hoops with Diamond Accents, can easily accent a dress for work as well as a dress for dinner out with my girlfriends.

How do you store your jewelry?

I have a large jewelry box which has really well-organized places for rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. I also keep small plastic bags handy as I sometimes travel with larger pieces from my jewelry collection, such as the Bubble Bib necklace or the Yellow Gold Cuff with Rock Crystal Octagon. I always double-bag my diamond earrings so they don’t scratch each other.

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How is your jewelry line's timeless feel reflected in your wardrobe?

Heirloom Chic is the vision behind my jewelry line – paying homage to the past with a modern twist on classic jewelry. My wardrobe style also has the same spirit. First, I tend to only wear dresses. I love the classic sheath and I love the Empire Waist – both are timeless designs. I also love vintage dresses, which I weave into my wardrobe often. I love the fact that most things in my closet could have been worn by a style icon in the 40s as well!

Now that you’re expecting, what’s your philosophy on maternity wear?

I am all about concealing!

Speaking of motherhood, your own mother’s closet must have been a little girl’s dream come true.

I used to love watching my mother get dressed up for events at night. My favorite things to try on were all of her amazing diamonds. I have always been inspired by my mother’s jewelry – my favorite piece was a diamond necklace that she gave me – originally gifted to her by my father for their tenth anniversary!

What’s your personal jewelry collection like now?

Well, I have most pieces from my jewelry line – heirloom-chic jewels. I also have a good collection of vintage jewelry given to me by my mother and I often collect it as well. I find vintage jewels magical – they have so much history, so many stories to tell. It was the vision behind my jewelry collection as well – designing pieces that a woman could wear her whole life and then pass onto her daughter – that’s truly magical.


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