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Posted on February 21, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

This morning we can bet that you stared into your more than packed closet full of awesome clothes and proclaimed that you had absolutely nothing to wear, despite the totally fabulous clothes hanging in your closet. Trust us, we know the feeling. The grass is always greener on the other side and as I-ELLA says "One fashionista's trash is another fashionista's treasure." So consider this your personal invitation to a whole new wardrobe, whether you're looking to buy, borrow, swap, sell or lend. And without any extra'll be donating, too! is the product of Ella Gorgla's compassion. Her mission to have companies donate 10% of revenue to charitable organizations has begun, one purchase at a time. I-ELLA covers all grounds, satisfying the cost-conscious consumer with a passion for fashion and a desire to donate!

As self proclaimed shopaholics at Clos-ette, but ones who know how to organize and edit our closets, we are SO excited to tell you about, the latest and greatest online marketplace. Think gilt meets ebay.

Here's how it works:  

To buy: The only requirements are to accept your invitation to the site and pay through Paypal and be ready to shop for a cause!

To borrow: Don't want to be seen wearing something your friend wore last week, but need something you haven't worn before and will never wear again? Borrow a fabulous find from one of I-ELLA's sellers. Need it for a day, a week, a month? You can borrow it for a fraction of the retail price.

Swap: My personal favorite. You get compliments on your go-to black cashmere sweater every time you wear it, but to you, its novelty has worn off. Well, the same is true for your fashion counterpart, whoever and wherever she may be. So swap that familiar item for a new staple that you'll enjoy even more! $5 fees for a swap are given to I-ELLA, your matchmaker, and 10% of that fee is donated to a chairty of your choosing.

Sell/Lend: You can list your entire wardrobe for no cost on You determine the price as long as you can provide I-ELLA with the color, composition, style and cut, where it was made, approximately how old it is for vintage items, cleaning instructions, sizing, etc. While I-ELLA suggests at least a 25% discount over retail price, you ultimately decide. 90%, yes we said 90%, of the buy price is all yours. I-ELLA keeps a 10% transaction fee for all products sold directly by the seller and 10% of this is donated to one of three charities selected by the buyer.  

Donate: Donating does not require anything extra on your part. A percentage of every transaction goes to a charity of your choosing. I-ELLA chooses three different charity partners each month and the buyers direct their donations to any of these organizations. 10% of every transaction fee goes to charity whether you're buying, swapping, or borrowing. Additionally, 75% of the proceeds of celebrity auctions go to the celebrity's chosen social venture.

Celebrity Auctions: The site kicked off their launch with celebrity auctions from MTV's resident reality star turned designer Whitney Port and supermodel Veronica Webb. Bidding works the same on I-ELLA as it does on other online auction sites. 75% of the sale price will be directed to the celebrity's charity of choice. 

Starting Wednesday, items from Clos-ette's own Melanie Charlton Fascitelli's closet will be for sale with 20% of proceeds going to the Endometriosis Foundation of America. As a stylist, shopaholic, and go-to expert of editing and organizing, you can be sure that Melanie's sale consists of some seriously coveted couture. Mark your calendars..

Your fashion soulmate may be on the other side of the country and you may have never had a chance to swap clothing with her if it weren't for I-ELLA. I-ELLA makes it easy for you to share your closet with other fashion savvy people around the country. Consider this your personal invitation to an exclusive, one-of-a-kind new wardrobe. Sign up here now and take advantage of the exclusive referral code for social.organization subscribers. Enter CLOSETTE (in all caps) when signing up to bypass the process of requesting a membership! 

Your fashion counterpart, whoever and wherever she may be, is waiting to shop your closet...


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