clos-ette solutions: Taking Stock - Your Personal Fashion Inventory

Posted on March 07, 2011 by Jon Fascitelli

So your closet is officially purged of clutter-causing excess, and all that remains are your best-loved, most-frequently worn clothes and accessories. Now it’s time to take a formal inventory of the items you have left.  The point? To bring attention to your shopping habits, highlight any severe gaps in your wardrobe, and determine your storage needs.

Start by composing a list of all of your wardrobe pieces –everything from evening gowns and dressy blouses to work-out pants and bikinis –and make sure to note the item count of each. The result –an official, complete inventory of your wardrobe –will clue you in to what you are missing (hello, work-appropriate dresses) and what you buy too much of (do I really need a fifth pair of brown boots?). Your list will serve as a helpful roadmap for future shopping trips, and also help you determine how many (and what types of) hangers and other closet accessories you need to perfectly store your goods.

A personal inventory assessment is one of the first –and most important –steps we take when whipping a new client’s closet into tip-top shape, and it’s a can’t-miss step for you too.

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