clos-ette favorites: Boticca

Posted on April 04, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

From spectacular handmade hats from a trio of young designers in Florence to colorful statement clutches from Beirut and eruptive jewelry from a bold Colombian designer, who doesn’t love discovering a unique accessory with an inspiring story?

What makes Boticca so great is that they scour the world for unique jewelry and accessories from top emerging talent that you wouldn’t normally find. Everything you get is sure to be special, conveying the story and inspiration behind it.

Chivor Necklace by Paula Mendoza at Boticca

Boticca describes their mantra on their site, “Whoever they are and wherever they are, you can be assured that they have a story to tell, a personality to inspire, and unique pieces that you will not find on every street corner…. Our dream is to create a playground of irresistible and delightful indulgences for those who seek to set trends and wear inimitable designs. Every piece comes with history and romance attached. Once worn, it becomes much more than a fashion staple — it is a token of inspiration, a connection between the designer and the wearer, the storyteller and the reader.”

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