clos-ette solutions: Pack up your Winter Wardrobe!

Posted on April 15, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

Responding to everyone's requests! Ok so hopefully it is officially time to put the heavy wools and cashmeres away, send the furs to storage and make room for the sarongs, shorts bathing suits, wide brimmed hats and sundresses!

How and where do we put these things. to start where do you live? A city- off site storage? an apartment? A home? with a basement or an attic?

Finding the appropriate storage is key. temperature control is also key, otherwise mold, moths and water damage and oxygenation can foil your fabulous plans to "make room" in your closet!

Find your storage and then go from there. If you're keeping your items at home and have secured climate controlled storage either under your bed or in your attic or basement then let's talk about packing stuff up!

Make sure everything is clean before you fold it, or hang it up. I prefer natural fiber boxes and garment bags to plastic of paper ones. Plastic, although it protects from wetness, seals out some much needed air for many fabrics such as cashmere and silk leaving them to do that nasty "yellowing" we all know and HATE!

If you're gonna use plastic for anything, use it for your big cotton and wool sweaters, coats and pants and make sure you suck all the air out of them so they're as flat as possible.

Boots, shoes and handbags are an even bigger pain the butt, because they're bulky, come in odd sizes and cant be smushed! Try to store boots with boot trees in them and standing tall and I prefer to have my shoes on a shoe rack rather than in boxes however, if there is the possibility of dust of wetness best to box them. Make sure to label them either with a photo or a written description of the shoe in order to easily identify them if you need to get to them (i.e. a trip to Patagonia or skiing in chile in the summer!) I also stuff my purses and put them on a shelf and/or put shoe trees into them.

Some off site

Public Storage (more economical and more do-it-yourself)

Garde Robe NYC (with locations growing!) (more expensive white glove service)

And of course check out some of our accessories!

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