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Posted on May 03, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

At Clos-ette and clos-ette too…, we are no strangers to accessories.  We love love love accessories to transform any outfit!  If you're the same way, you need to check out Send the Trend.  You fill out a survey, based on your style, and for only $30 you'll have a fabulous accessory sent to you that was picked out specially for you by an expert stylist! When we heard of Send the trend, we jumped at the opportunity to find out more about this awesome company. To tell us more about Send the Trend we interviewed the fabulous Mariah Chase to get an inside look.

The Send the Trend Website

 Hi Mariah! We are so excited to let our readers know more about Send the Trend. So let's get started! Where did the idea for Send the Trend come from?

The main idea came from our CEO and Co-Founder, Divya Gugnani.  She envisioned an easier way for the time-pressed woman (i.e. all of us!) to shop.  As someone who shopped exclusively online and had always worked in accessories, when she approached me - I just knew I had to be involved. We launched in October of last year.

Where does the inspiration for your products come from?

Everything!  We watch the runways in NY, London, Paris and Milan and of course Christian has an amazing point of view and creative vision.  We also look to what tastemakers and celebrities wear and love and, ultimately, what we think our customer wants!  At the end of the day, it’s all about her.

If there was a style you felt the trend, leans towards what would it be?

It seems our customer loves feminine, girly details, i.e. pearls and baubles.  On the whole, she's a little glam, classic & trendy.  Personally, I veer towards accessories with clean, bold lines that have a little sweetness; edge - kind of a Roger Vivier meets Eddie Borgo look.

The Lovely Mariah Chase

What do you love best about Send the Trend?

The team - we have so much fun everyday I can't believe it's work!  I also love the opportunity to have a hand in creating something with a distinctive look, voice and point of view – the learning never stops.

What if I have multiple style choices?

You may change your style survey anytime you like and see the difference reflected in your Gallery.

What if I don’t want a new accessory every month?

Not everyone wants a new accessory each month. If you'd like to skip a month, all you need to do is log in to your account by the 5th day of the month and click the "Skip This Month" button and you will not be charged for that month. The "Skip This Month" button is only available from the 1st through the 5th day of each month. Skipping a month has no negative consequences and you will, of course, be welcome to return to your gallery and purchase an item for the next month. If you haven't purchased accessories from Send the Trend before, your credit card will not be charged and you do not need to request to skip a month.  We actually see that many of our customers skip early in the month and then come back to buy 1, 2, 3 items once they’ve had some time to think about what they might want or gifts they have to give.

Can I return an accessory if I'm not happy with it?

We want everyone to be 100% happy with their purchases, so if you don’t like what you buy for any reason, you can return it for a Send the Trend account credit at no extra charge.  We pay for the cost of return shipping.

Any style advice for our readers?

Find a signature look you love; feel great in - and then build off of that look.  You can experiment and take risks knowing that you've always got a "safe" place to return to.  For me, that signature is a tomboy-ish silhouette in shades of navy, black, grey, white & blush accented with 1-2 key, bold accessories.

To check out Send the Trend you can go to

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