clos-ette favorites: Trish McEvoy

Posted on October 12, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

If you haven’t noticed, we are kind of obsessed with organization. But even certifiable, borderline nutty neat-freaks like us can struggle to maintain order in our bathroom shelves and vanity. Enter the talented and lovely Trish McEvoy, and her beyond-clever Makeup Planner System. True, this baby isn’t new –someone on our team will admit to skipping a day of eighth grade to go get her very own –but holy moly is it helpful.  “It’s a portable makeup vanity unto itself,” says McEvoy of the ingenious zip-up, binder-style design (which, we must point out, is not unlike our own bestselling Travel Jewelry Case). The real draw? That it holds McEvoy’s universally flattering color palettes. Consider us hooked.

clos-ette favorites: Trish McEvoy

Here, the queen of wearable cosmetics shares the do’s and don’ts of makeup storage, her own organizational tricks, and top product picks for fall.

Other than your genius Makeup Planner System, what are your best tips for keeping cosmetics clutter under control?

The key is to simplify, then simplify some more. First and foremost, only keep what you truly use. My philosophy of color teaches that the placement of light and dark and the intensity of pigment are more important than having dozens of colors on-hand. My team and I instruct our clients to apply their makeup well and keep their color collections under control. With that in mind, throw out anything you do not use, replenish your mascara and Eye Base Essentials after three months, toss anything that smells and any powder products that are older than a year.  In short, colors are not collector’s items—if you haven't worn a lipstick in a decade, lose it! Clutter can be very distressing and getting organized a natural high!

Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials

What are the biggest no-no’s for storing makeup?

Don’t put cream and powder products next to each other in refillable compacts. Screw tops on tight so products don’t dry out. Keep products away from extreme heat of course, and wash your brushes —weekly if you use a brush every day, and monthly at the outside, to extend their life. Also never store brushes head-down as this can alter the shape of the head.


Trish McEvoy Ultimate Beauty Organizer

How do you keep your beauty products nice and neat?

My makeup of course is all in Makeup Planners, which I have in duplicates for my homes and handbag—the larger “Mini” size for home and smaller “Petite” for on-the-go. My Ultimate Beauty Organizer is always ready-to-travel with all my skincare in universally allowed sizes. I keep additional magnetic Pages filled with alternate or seasonal looks and colors stored and organized in drawers—still at my fingertips but not in my Planner until I am wearing them each day.

Trish McEvoy Vitamin C Cream

What about skincare, etc?

I never keep anything out—I hate the look of a cluttered counter. My skincare, Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment, etc., are all organized onto shelves in a mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink according to my routine: cleansing products on one shelf, exfoliating on another, Serum and moisturizers that prime and protect on another and finally my additional nighttime steps with the Lash Conditioner and Vitamin C Cream. Last but not least, Simple Human makes the most amazing organizational systems and the one I have in my shower is a masterpiece of practicality with a custom place for everything from razors to—and this was ingenious—a cutout for bottle necks to hold them upright when overturned. I really believe in the little things! 

Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color

We can’t let you go without getting some insider makeup tips. What new products should we make room for this fall?

Matte shadows are a great way to capture the chic look of the season while Liquid Face Color on cheeks and cool berry lip tones give a look of classic beauty. In fall you always want to intensify the definition on the eye with a more deeply pigmented, crisp, winged line, very full lashes and a very defined brow. I always layer my High Volume mascara formulation over my Lash Curling for a virtual lash extension effect.

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