clos-ette solutions: shopping and caring for denim

Posted on October 31, 2011 by Melanie Charlton

Jeans can be the sartorial equivalent of a best friend: reliable, comfortable, and always up for a good time. That is, if you buy the right pair, wash them properly and store them with care. How to do just that? We called up two of our favorite denim gurus to get the expert scoop.

according to Scott Morrison, founder of new line 3x1

·         "The most important part of shopping for a jean is first figuring out what you’re wearing it for: i.e., something during the day with flats, or heels for the evening, or some other combination thereof.  An easy rule of thumb is darker denim looks best with heels and as more of an ‘evening’ look, while lighter washes and colored denim tend to look best with flats or in a less dressy context.”

·         “Once you’ve got that figured out, look for something to flatter your body type.  There’s no perfect rule here, as everyone’s body type is different, but girls with straighter silhouettes might try a wide leg flare or a great pair of skinny jeans like 3x1’s ‘Slingshot’ style, and girls with a bit more curve might try a straight leg jean or something with a mid-rise, like our ‘W2’ fit.”  

·         “My last tip is to look at the back pockets.  Back pocket placement and size are important in not over-emphasizing the seat (aka butt).  Too big and it won’t look so flattering; too small, and it will make you butt look too big.  Placement and size of the back pockets need to be just right.”

according to Eleanor Ylvisaker, formerly of Earnest Sewn

·         “I'll start off by saying that real denim fanatics never wash their jeans. They buy them raw, and wear in the creases, fading, and abrasions naturally –they never assist the process with wash (but may occasionally freshen them up with Febreze). However, I have never been this hardcore.”

·         “I love an authentic-looking wash and I try my best not to assist in the natural wear and tear too heavily, but I typically hand wash in cold water and hang dry. This seems to maintain the shape and size as the denim begins to take on the form of the wearer’s body, and the cold temperature doesn’t chip away at the indigo as much as warmer water would.”

·         “For storage, I hang my jeans folded once over Clos-ette Too’s Signature Hanger with Bar, because the soft fabric texture seems to eliminate the creasing issue you get when you fold jeans, and store them on a shelf.”

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