clos-ette case: Debi Wisch of Janis Provisor Jewelry

Posted on January 31, 2012 by Melanie Charlton

In the year since we launched our Clos-ette Too product line, we’ve gotten such a kick out of finding out where our hangers end up. One of our faves so far: the closet of Debi Wisch, one half of the team behind Janis Provisor Jewelry. A former marketing exec, Wisch partnered with acclaimed artist Janis Provisor when the two were both living in Hong Kong and launched their line of one-of-a-kind jewelry soon after. Their limited-edition collections feature stunning semi-precious stones set in bold silhouettes –and look like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Here, Wisch opens up the doors to her super-chic Manhattan closet, where travel souvenirs, timeless classics, and more than a few of our must-have products reside.

clos-ette case: Debi Wisch
Debi Wisch's dream closet

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s sort of classic with a kick. I tend to wear sort of streamlined things then accessorize a lot. I dress sort of ‘high-end bohemian’. 

Who would you commission to design your wardrobe for the rest of your life?

That’s tough, because I tend to straddle two worlds – one is kind of clean and streamlined and easy to wear, like James Perse and The Row. And then, I like eccentric pieces. I love Dries, I love Naaem Khan’s gowns. I love evening wear that’s beaded, brocade, embroidered, and unique. So, I’d have a hard time just picking one, because I tend to go to one of two extremes. I’m either very sort of clean – or very ‘glamour’and ornate.

How do you keep it all looking so chic and streamlined?

I love your thin hangers. I tend to be very organized, and I like when you can see what you own, so I like to color-block. Then I have this very customized cabinet built, where I have the shawls according to color. I also have your jewelry case, which I use a lot when I’m traveling, and then I sort of keep things ready to go.

clos-ette too skinny clothing hangers
Wisch stores her dress collection on our Signature Shirt Hangers

What’s your shopping weakness?

Shawls and scarves, and jewelry. I love collecting things in my travels. I like having things that are distinct, and that remind me of places and experiences. And I wear a lot of our jewelry, because I think it’s fabulous, and it goes day to night.

What’s you favorite piece from your travels?

We lived in Hong Kong for ’94 to ’99. I got an incredible embroidered and beaded pashmina that I got when we were in India that I love and still wear all the time. I also found someone who did work with feathers, and she made me a customized black cashmere throw with peacock feathers on the end. I still love and cherish that.

Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Laboradite, Diamond and 22K gold Lavaliere

What’s always on heavy rotation?

Black cashmere turtlenecks. I tend to buy a lot of Prada and Jill Sander. They just tend to fit me well. I like things that are cut clean.

What would we never find in your closet?

You won’t find logos or things that yell ‘brand’ at all. And you won’t bows or things that tie and are too kind of fussy.

Whose closet would you raid?

Marisa Berenson's. I love the idea of her classic, assured sense of style, but also this bohemian, unexpected element. I don’t like when it looks like you’ve thought it out too much. I like accidental style.

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