clos-ette case: Peter Davis

Posted on May 23, 2012 by Melanie Charlton

We have a something of a weakness for dapper-dressed men, and our pal Peter Davis fits squarely into this category. The man-about-town New Yorker –and editor-in-chief of new society mag Scene –shares our healthy appreciation for a sharp suit, impeccable dress shoe, and occasional cheeky touch (hello, hot pink pants).  Don’t even get us started on his epic sunglass collection, which he stores in neat trays in his uptown apartment’s closet. Here, Davis gives us a peek inside. 

clos-ette case: Peter Davis

Peter Davis' dream celebrity closet

How would you describe your personal style?

My preppy roots slashed up with my rebellious punk rock flavor, and a little dose of hippie to keep the peace flowing.

What’s the most cherished item in your closet?

My black tie that my tailor in London, the genius Timothy Everest, made for me over a decade ago. It still fits perfectly and looks timeless.

What’s your closet style?

Very neat, but it looks like [I’m] a hoarder –I have way too many sunglasses, shoes, ties, shirts. The list goes on...

sunglass storage
A mere portion of Peter's impressive sunglass stash

What are your all-time favorite investment pieces?

Shoes and more shoes. My favorites are by Del Toro, the coolest company from Miami, John Lobb for fancy moments, Mark McNairy and Stubbs and Wotton. I also have over 250 pairs of Vans sneakers, which I keep in clear bins. I hoard them.

What’s at the top of your fashion wish-list?

Handmade sunglasses from my secret place on the Upper East Side. They have already made me three pairs and they engrave your name on the inside of the arm of the shades. Couture sunnies –how cool is that?

Peter Davis' dream celebrity closet

One can never have to many iPhone covers...

What would we never find in your closet?

Any kind of "mandal" or sandal. I can barely tolerate flip-flops on the beach on a guy.

Any sartorial skeletons we should know about?

Hmmm. Nothing really. I actually regret editing too much and giving away things I wish I still had – like when in the 90s I collected suede Gucci shoes in candy colors like bright orange and lime green. I wish I still had every pair.

Whose closet would you like to raid?

Fred Hughes, who ran The Warhol Foundation and was Andy Warhol's business partner. He was the best dressed man New York ever knew.

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