clos-ette case: Jill Kargman

Posted on August 06, 2012 by Melanie Charlton

If our father was the former president of Chanel, we would shroud ourselves in interlocking Cs and hoard Lagerfeld creations with gusto. But Jill Kargman is a different sort of creature. The wickedly witty author –whose pop, Arie Kopelman, retired as the fashion house’s top dog –has her own singular style and a streamlined wardrobe to boot. “My style’s been pretty consistent since I was twelve and bought my first black leather motorcycle jacket,” says Kargman. That’s not to say the her New York closet is anything less than enviable. Here, the author of this summer’s The Rockstar in Seat 3A gives us a peek inside. 

clos-ette case: Jill Kargman

Jill Kargman's celebrity dream closet 

How would you describe your personal style?

Wednesday Adams meets Sicilian widow.

What’s your daily uniform? 

Black Wolford satin tights, ankle booties, leather skirt, lace blouse, short tight jacket, and spikey jewelry that's naughty but nice. 

What are the most cherished items in your closet?

I love my Goyard skull bag cause there’re only three and it has my initials, so it's like a portable vanitas reminding me to enjoy every second cause one day I'll be pushing daisies. I also worship my monogrammed Chanel bags my fairy godmother Frances Stein in Paris made for me when she was designing the accessories. They were a wedding gift I cherish. Not to sound Imelda Marcos-y 'cause I know there’s war and oppression, but I love my shoes. They take the exhausted steamrollered hag mom look and elevate it. Literally. 

shoe rack in Jill Kargman's celebrity dream closet

Jill's shoe stash = fierce

Would you consider yourself more of a 'hoarder' or a 'purger'?

Purger. A total fashion bulimic. I weed the garment garden all the time.

What’s your ideal shopping day?

I hate shopping with people. When I go it’s my carved-out only time to be alone and I’m on a mission. I love Bergdorf’s and Barney’s but also I love Catbird and Pinky Otto in Williamsburg and trolling MePa at places like Jeffrey then walking to Marc by Marc Jacobs. I always go to Anna Sui and Philip Lim 3.1 in Soho, but only on weekdays, as I can't handle the Saturday brigade of fanny-packers.

If you could raid the closet of any literary character, whose would you raid?

Lady Macbeth or a bride of Dracula. I like to look romantic and violent at the same time. 

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