clos-ette case: Land of Nod's Michelle Kohanzo

Posted on August 14, 2012 by Melanie Charlton

If there is a closet more charming than Michelle Kohanzo's, we haven't see it. The Land of Nod managing director turned a ho-hum space into a whimsical, efficient, and deliciously pink haven for her every-growing collections. "I am not a minimalist, which is why I am constantly dreaming up new storage solutions," says Kohanzo of her DIY closet at home outside Chicago. The space is a ringing endorsement for the power of a coat of paint, and proof that a dream closet needn't break the bank. Here, she gives us a look inside. 

clos-ette case: Michelle Kohanzo
Michell Kohanzo's dream closet

How would you describe your personal style? 

My style is wild and over-the-top. I have several uniquely different styles: super girly, preppy, 90’s grunge, and loud. I also have an extensive collection of grey jersey everything, which I shroud myself in on a gloomy, need-a-little-comfort type day. My clothes are always an outward expression of my mood.

We love your bubble-gum pink closet. What inspired it?

My closet is the only space in my home that is all mine. I wanted it to be over-the-top girly with my favorite color. 

Michell Kohanzo's dream closet

How do keep your closet –and your kids –organized?

I organize all of my clothes by type (pants and tops) and then by color, dark to light. This makes it much easier to get dressed.  The key to keeping my kids closet organized is storage. I use The Land of Nod canvas storage collection in all its incarnations –sweater bin, shoe bin, and our new under-bed bins. They hold a ton and make it easy for the kids to clean up.  The boys all share a closet (3 of them) so they each have their own color storage to help them keep track of their own items. 

What's the most treasured item in your closet? 

My Doc Martens –they are tall and black and I don’t mind that they make my ankles tired.  I love wearing them with skirts and dresses for a little punk rock edge.  I love them so much because my parents refused to buy them for me in high school, so I had to buy them myself in my 30’s (they fell off my radar for a decade). They remind me of being a teenager. 

 necklace storage jewelry organizer in Michell Kohanzo's dream closet

What do you collect?

A  lot of things!  I collect vintage cameos, all of which have been given to me as gifts. I adore them – especially the ones made from shells, because they have a beautiful translucence and I love the coral color.  I also have an extreme wool blanket collection. I am particularly enamored with Pendleton and military blankets.  I recently explained to my husband that I am preparing our home for the next ice age.  I love them for their Americana, camp vibe and their coziness. There are probably 100 other things, seriously.

Whose closet would you love to raid?

I’d have to say Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific. She is so fabulous and I love the way she mixes pieces. I also would snag that amazing vintage Chanel pin of hers.

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