Envy-Inducing Shoe Racks

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Linley Taber

New York Fashion Week might be over, but our obsession with envy-inducing, show-stopping shoe racks is not. What's better than a chic, organized shrine to our favorite accessory? Check out our favorites below. 

Mariah's justly famous dressing room (via

boot storage shoe racks

Custom boot storage = so smart (via)

shoe racks

We love the up-lit shelves.(via)

shoe racks

Jenna Lyon's burgeoning collection (via)

shoe racks

Why not devote an entire room to shoes? (via)

shoe racks and shoe horns

Dark wood is perfect for this gentleman's closet (via)

shoe rack

An antique display case is such a cool choice (via)

shoe rack

Two words for Khloe Kardashian: Holy Louboutins. (via)

shoe rack drawer

Pull-out slipper storage, courtesy of yours truly (via)

shoe rack

Color-coding? Check. (via)

shoe rack

Catalog-bought bookshelves make for perfect shoe racks (via)

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