6 Simple Closet Upgrades

Posted on March 22, 2013 by Linley Taber

We're kicking off spring cleaning season with out favorite simple closet upgrades. These easy tips can add storage space, functionality, and style to your space without the stress of a major closet overhaul. 

Pick a Peg Board

Pegboard is, hands-down, our favorite way to make use of dead wallspace in a closet or dressing room. It's the perfect way to keep everyday jewelry and other accessories accessible, visible, and untangled. We often install a high-end version in our custom closets (like the one above), but garden-variety pegboard from your local hardware store works just as well. (For installation instructions, refer here).  

Swap Your Hangers 


The simplest way to give your closet a neat, streamlined look is to swap out mismatched hangers for one consistent style. Trust us, this one little move can make your closet look like a beautiful boutique (and even breath new life into your wardobe). Look for sturdy but slim non-slip hangers, like our signature hangers.  

Divide and Conquer (Your Bags)


Clutches, small handbags, and the like often end up in a messy heap on a closet's top shelf. The fix? Easy-to-use shelf dividers  that divvy the space up into neat little cubbies. Use them to organize your accessories into categories (evening bags versus casual styles), or put them to work between stacks of knitwear that are prone to toppling over. 

Get Hooked


If you don't have the space or budget for a retractable valet rod, pick up a few shelf hangers (like these from Ikea) and slip over the top shelf of your closet. Or, go for an over-the-door hook (like this). Both options are great for putting together tomorow's outfit, or hanging up items as you pack for a trip. 


Hang Your Hat


While we recommend storing special hats in the box it came with (if you have the space), we're a also fan of using simple 3M hooks to wall-mount your favorite  toppers. This simple trick is a great way to use dead wall space in your closet –and can also make for also make for a clever, chic wall display. 

Fold Like a Pro

We are admittedly fanatical about folding our knits perfectly –and if you have open shelving in your closet, you should be too. Not only does a careful folding yield neat, lovely-looking stacks, but it also ensures your favorite pieces won't end up twisted and wrinkled when you go to wear them. A handy-dandy folding board makes the job a cinch. 


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