How To Store: Scarves & Belts

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Melanie Charlton

Scarves provide a splash of color to our outfits. Silk scarves can be hung in easily accessible, full display draped over space-saving, shape-saving specialty bars like our Clos-ette by Nanz hardware.

A belt can be hung on a hook or a belt hanger or rolled and placed on shelf. Like shoes and handbags, leather belts should be polished and suede brushed. Fancy belts with elaborate buckles and jewel-encrusted bands should be stored the way you would a large piece of jewelry to avoid damage in a separate velvet-lined box or in an individual pouch made out of felt or velvet. If a specific belt is part of a coat or outfit, it should be hung with it, to avoid losing it.

Bonus for those of you who live with a suited guy or your style icon is Annie Hall: How to store ties. Always use a tie rack. Avoid folding them (or, worse, balling them in your coat pocket as the night wears on)—they’ll become creased and lose shape. If you get a spot or stain on your tie or scarf, take it to your favorite dry cleaner and have professionally cleaned as soon as possible. 

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