Clos-ette Case: Lauren J. Solomon

Posted on August 03, 2016 by Kathleen Harris

“Dressing people is not about the clothes, it’s about what it does to the person,” says Lauren J. Solomon, owner of the global fashion consulting company LJStyle in New York City. “And when you look and feel good, your energy changes and you attract all the things you want in your life.” It’s why her clients flock to her. And, the fact that Solomon has militant-like penchant for organization and love for pushing fashion boundaries to create a dream wardrobe that's individually yours. From closet audit to personal shopping, Solomon is there every step of the way. Here, she talks about her own personal style, how to find confidence through what you wear, and the one closet organization tip everyone needs.

How would you describe your personal style?

Elegant, sophisticated with some over-the-top, embellished, fabulous statement pieces. I’m a big believer in investment basics and staples, and throwing on a pop of something.

What's your daily uniform?

I’m really into statement jackets. Like any New Yorker, I will wear head-to-toe black and then throw on statement jacket. But every day is different, depending on my mood! In the fall, I’m usually wearing leather pants, booties, a silk blouse, and a fab jacket. I try to be a little more colorful in the warmer weather.

How does the way you dress inform or inspire your work?

I put my spin on every client, however it’s each individual person’s spin. I don’t dress anyone like I dress myself. I believe in dressing people to be the complete best version of themselves, combining their personality and what looks best on them. I will create an entire capsule for that person and choose silhouettes and colors based on what looks best on their body and shape and what’s appropriate for their career and lifestyle. Then I add finishing touches that represents them as a person.

What are your favorite type of clients to dress?

I feel blessed to have such a wide range of clients, from people that really need my services to those who feel like already know their true style. My most rewarding clients are the ones that didn’t know how to do it themselves, and after their style makeover, they see so many things change in their lives, whether it’s a huge career jump or a new relationship.

Do you believe how you dress influences success?

Yes, I do believe in the advice, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Some of my clients have sent me their daughters right out of college and they’re trying to get the next place in their career and it’s confusing because they have younger clothes and they’re not sure how to dress to be a power bitch. It makes such a difference when you dress a certain way. People take you more seriously. You take yourself more seriously. You carry yourself differently. 

What's the most cherished item in your closet?

When I first became successful in business, I bought a pair of basic black Manolo pumps. A classic investment. They’re not a standout piece, but when I look at these black pumps, I remember they journey and truly appreciate where I am now.

And what would we never find in your closet?

Dry cleaning hangers...I have major OCD and I always switch out my hangers so everything is organized and looks gorgeous.

Tell us more about your your closet organization process.

I have a specific process, but it's adapted to each client. I always organize by sleeve length and color, and I always roll workout gear and casual clothes that don't wrinkle. I use folding boards, dividers, and matching hangers to keep everything consistent and visually pleasing. That’s the basics. Then, it depends on the client’s preference—some clients like their wardrobe divided by category (work vs going out) and some clients like things completely visual.

What’s your best advice for cleaning out your closet?

If you find something in your closet that you haven’t worn in a year and you wouldn’t go into a store and buy today, get rid of it. And if it doesn’t truly make you happy, get rid of it—no need to have it in your energy spectrum.

If you could design a no-holds-barred, no-budget dream closet for yourself, what would it look like?

I like white, lucite, and mirrors. Think of that dream closet from Sex and the City closet. Clean, light, airy, with windows and a little bit of glamour. A big open space.

Finish this sentence, you can never have too many…

Things that make you happy!

And what makes you the happiest?

To make a difference in people’s lives, and make them look and feel great, there’s nothing better than that feeling. Also, I can never have too many statement jackets.

Whose closet would you love to raid?

I’m lucky that I “raid” my clients’ closets every day. But if there was one closet I would love to really raid, it would be Anna Wintour.

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