About Clos-ette Too...


Clos-ette Too sprang to life from Clos-ette, the international leader in luxury, bespoke closet design. After ten years of organizing and designing closets for the world’s most discerning clients, we’re proud to channel our expertise into a new line of affordable closet accessories. Our clothing hangers, jewelry travel cases, shelf dividers and more offer the high style and high function our couture clients adore –at a fraction of the price. We’re here to help you organize in style. 

 About Melanie              

closet organizer Melanie Charlton      President and Creative Director Melanie Charlton is considered the founding mother of high-end custom closets. Since launching Clos-ette ten years ago, she has worked with over 5,000 clients worldwide to design, build, and organize the most beautiful bespoke closets around. To her, closets and their accessories aren’t just a place to park your wardrobe. They’re her life’s work.

            Charlton’s fascination with fashion and closets dates back to her childhood. Growing up traveling between homes in Manhattan, Palm Beach and the Caribbean, she developed an understanding of the need for the right clothes in the right place, and appreciation for taking care of them. Upon returning to New York to attend NYU, her hobby quickly turned to a career.  At Paul Wilmot Communications, she consulted with designers and the firm’s many luxury goods clients to organize their showrooms. Later, as a fashion editor for Channel magazine, LuxuryFinder.com and Style.com, she developed a keen editorial eye and further honed her knowledge of the fashion industry. After serving as a director of public relations at Anne Klein, Charlton struck out on her own to work as a freelance fashion stylist and design director for retail and showroom spaces across the country. Within a year, Clos-ette was born.

            Today, Charlton is regarded as the closet organizer to the stars”. Along with her highly skilled team of architects, millwork designers and stylists, she has transformed the closets of major celebrities and countless others. Her first book, Shop Your Closet, was published in 2008. 


Shoshanna Lonstein-Gruss, designer of international brand Shoshanna, lists Clos-ette as “…One of her top wish-worthy products, sure to make any woman feel stylish everyday.”

Actress Lake Bell attests to Clos-ette’s success saying, “It will not cure your shoe shopping addiction, ladies, but it can help you understand how to store your 23 pairs of Louboutins. I recommend it to every fashion slut out there.”