clos-ette case: Amanda Hearst

Posted on March 29, 2011 by melanie fascitelli

If there’s anything better than a gorgeous, young fashion editor, it’s a gorgeous, young fashion editor with a cause. Cue the stunning Amanda Hearst, who’s brought her dedication to ethical, eco-friendly style to the pages of Marie Claire. As one of the magazine’s market editors, Hearst spends her days hunting for the hottest sustainable fashions around the globe and showcasing her finds in a monthly feature and on her blog, Amanda’s Eye. Between designer appointments and jetting off to see the European collections, she also makes time for Friends of Finn, a charity that she recently launched with the Humane Society to combat puppy mills (and named after her no-doubt-stylish dog). 

clos-ette case: Amanda Hearst

clos-ette case: Amanda Hearst      

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We checked in with Hearst to get the scoop on her own well-stocked (and meticulously-organized) wardrobe. 

How do you store your clothes?

I have three sizable closets in my house: the hall one has all my coats and blazers, the one in my bedroom has my cocktail dresses, tops, skirts and bottoms, and then the one upstairs has gowns and all my off-season stuff. Within each item, like bottoms, I [organize] by color. I don’t need the biggest closet in the world; I just need it to be organized so I can find things easily and know where everything is.

What about your jewelry?

I [keep it in] an armoire next to my bed, because with jewelry I like to be able to see it, or else I kind of forget that I have it. I have a jewelry tree to hang things on, like rings and necklaces, so I can see what I have.

[We sent Amanda a Clos-ette Too Travel Jewelry Case so she can stay organized on the road]

What’s on heavy rotation from your jewelry collection?

I have a Philip Crangi necklace with a little anchor that I wear all the time, and my Franck Muller watch I wear every single day. With jewelry and accessories, when I put something on, it stays on for like a year. I’ll have a necklace on forever, even if it doesn’t match.

Hearst in a Yigal Azrouel dress and Valentino coat (two favorite designers)

Tell us about your commitment to ethical fashion.

I’ve always been very passionate about the environment and the outdoorsy lifestyle, even though I live in New York. Environmental causes were really important to me, and I just tried to figure out a way to contribute to that world with what I had available to me. I thought I had a voice in the fashion world, so I started to do a bit of research and look into ethical fashion. In my own wardrobe, I’ve incorporated a lot of the pieces because there are a lot of stylish designers out there that use sustainable design practices.

Such as?

My absolute favorite is Bodkin. I’m really good friends with the designer, Eviana. The clothing is very stylish, very New York, but she is still really passionate about being sustainable. And then there’s a British designer that I’ve recently been working with that I really like called Goodone. She does a lot of dresses that are very fitted.

Any other must-have designers in your closet?

I like Yigal Azrouel, Valentino for fancier occasions, and Chanel accessories. I also really like Kimberly Ovitz right now.

Hearst's favorite Philip Crangi necklace

You’re exposed to new collections every day. How do you determine what’s worth incorporating into your wardrobe?

Oddly, since I started working in fashion, I go shopping less. I tend to buy staple pieces – like maybe a really, really nice coat from Valentino that costs a lot but is going to last me a lifetime. Then I buy cheaper things, like little tees. I’ll go to Urban Outfitters and buy a cheap little dress, but maybe wear nice shoes with it. I tend to invest a lot rather than shop a lot.

How often do you edit your closet?

Every time the weather changes, I change my closet. I send a lot of stuff out to the Hamptons, because my mom lives out there and there’s more space out there.

When do you know it’s time to get rid of something for good?

When it has a big hole in it, or when I realize I’ve never worn it in my life.

For instance?

I’ve had these Ralph Lauren suede olive green over-the-knee boots for, no joke, four years and I don’t know why, but I haven’t worn them yet. I’m convinced I’m going to wear them, and then I never do!

What will you keep forever?

I have these little watches from my grandmother –I mean tiny, like the watch face is as big as your thumbnail –and they’re these sweet little delicate things that remind me of her because she was so petite and ladylike. I would definitely never get rid of those.

What can you never have too many of?


As a fashion editor, how do you decide what to wear each day?

It’s really just what strikes me in the morning. I see one thing I want to wear, and then I just work around that. In all honestly, I always try to be as comfortable as possible –so if I can get away with wearing some sort of white t-shirt in some capacity, I’m going to wear it! 

© Bodkin. A Spring/Summer 2011 look from Bodkin, Hearst's favorite eco-friendly fashion line

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