clos-ette case: Paige Novick

Posted on March 12, 2012 by melanie fascitelli

The countdown to spring is officially on, and we can hardly wait to debut our new warmer-weather purchases. And what, you may ask, will be our accessories of choice? Those would be Paige Novick's rocker-chic baubles, which are already on heavy rotation in our wardrobe (and quickly filling up our bestselling jewelry case, of course). The New York jeweler’s fierce statement pieces –think chunky cuffs, geometric necklaces, and pave hoop earrings –are versatile enough to go with everything we own, and can pull an outfit together to boot. “It’s not over-the-top bling,” explains Novick, whose celeb fans include Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz. “There’s an understated glamour that allows you to go from day to night.” Here, the jeweler sits down with us to chat about her glamorous grandmother, love of va-va-voom vintage, and her very favorite budget buys.  

clos-ette case: Paige Novick

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How would you describe your personal style?

I would say rough and refined.

What’s the inspiration behind your jewelry?

I focus on statement pieces. I love contrasts, so I like to play with architectural versus sculptural, masculine and feminine, organic and synthetic. I love to combine contrasting elements, because I feel like it makes a very modern product. I love to inject real stones, and fine gold finishes and subtle elements that give it that restrained glamour, which really speaks to my personal style.

Paige Novick "Rima" cuff in lapis

What’s your fashion weakness?

High-heeled boots. I love Derek Lam’s. And fragrance! I’m obsessed with Kilian. I cannot leave the house without putting on “Prelude to Love.”

Your go-to designers are…

Carven, Miu Miu, and Rick Owens. Those are some of my favorites.

And your favorite shopping destination?

I have a few! Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel is one of my absolute favorites. I also love Bergdorf Goodman because of the wide range of high to low, and because they do a fabulous job of merchandising everything. It’s such an experience. And then I also love New York Vintage.

Do you collect a lot of vintage?

I do. I love things from the ‘60s and ‘70s – Courreges, Halston, Bill Blass. Across the board, I just love that period.

What’s the most cherished item in your wardrobe?

A 1970’s black jersey and diamante Bill Blass gown that I bought at New York Vintage for my engagement party. It’s incredible – it’s timeless, it’s so glam, it’s so ‘red carpet.’ It’s my go-to black tie dress. 

Novick in her favorite Bill Blass dress

When it comes to your closet, are you more of a neat-freak or a mess?

It depends on who you ask. I would say I’m somewhere in the middle, but I’m sure my husband would say I’m the most disorganized. I don’t clean out my closet frequently, but when I do, I’m ruthless! I’ll let it go until it’s really in bad shape, and then I’ll just be really aggressive. [Our signature hangers keep even the most mess-prone closets looking nice and neat].

What are your favorite budget buys?

Definitely Chris White fitted shirts from Uniqlo – for $29.99 each, I don’t think you can ever have enough of those. And I love Club Monaco – which I wouldn’t exactly say is budget, but it is compared to Rick Owens! They do an amazing job. I have a fabulous faux fur vest, and a wool coat with a faux fur color that look like they could be Dior. As a jewelry designer, I like clean lines so that I can show off the jewelry. And who’s better at that than Club Monaco?

Who’s your style icon?

My grandmother, who’s deceased, was my beacon of style. I will always admire her confidence, her beauty, her flair for the dramatic, and her love of leopard.  

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