clos-ette case: Charlotte Ronson

Posted on March 16, 2012 by Melanie Charlton

Clos-ette can whip even certified slobs into shape, and impart style wisdom all day long. But when it comes to effortless, unstudied cool –you know, the type that Charlotte Ronson has in spades –we know that some things can’t be taught.  The girl-about-town designer is our paradigm of sexy, slightly-undone, downtown style, and it's not hard to see why. There’s the just-rolled-out-of-bed tousled tresses, the epic vintage t-shirt collection, the inner circle of besties like Shoshanna, Nicole Richie, et al... you get the picture. We’re just thankful that we can hit up her edgy-sweet clothing line and easy-breezy makeup collection for Sephora when we craving a little of that cool ourselves. Here, the designer opens up her closet to us and shares her favorite things. 

clos-ette case: Charlotte Ronson
Charlotte Ronson's celebrity dream closet 

My personal style is…

Feminine but a little tomboyish.

What’s on heavy rotation in your closet?

A flirty printed dress from the Charlotte Ronson Collection, my vintage leather jacket, Celine sunglasses, Isabel Marant boots, Bottega Venetta heels, Acne Jeans, and I Heart Ronson sweaters.

Charlotte Ronson's celebrity dream closet

Which accessories can’t you live without?

My evil eye bracelet from Lorraine Schwartz to ward off negative energy and bring me good luck! And the bracelet my mother designed for me. They are both very special pieces. [Store your favorite baubles in our bestselling Jewelry Case!]

What’s your ideal shopping experience?

A lazy Sunday roaming the local flea markets in Manhattan and Brooklyn with my girlfriends. I’m usually looking for inspiration for my collections or just trinkets for my apartment.

Charlotte Ronson's celebrity dream closet

My dream closet would be…

All white and minimal, with pops of color found in the lining of the walls and drawers. 

When it comes to editing your closet, what do you have the hardest time getting rid of?

Vintage t-shirts. I wear them till they are threadbare. They are so comfortable and it’s almost impossible to part ways. 

Charlotte Ronson's celebrity dream closet

What’s the biggest sartorial skeleton in your closet?

 I’ll never tell…

Whose closet would you like to raid?

Bianca Jagger's. Her style undeniably chic –the perfect balance of femininity and sensuality, even when she’s wearing a man’s shirt. She’s a risk-taker, so it would be like opening a treasure chest. 

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