Our favorite place to consign our clothes!

Posted on April 23, 2012 by melanie fascitelli

We are, not so secretly, pretty devoted to the art of consignment. You get rid of pieces you’re ‘over,’ make room for the new, and earn a little moolah to put towards your next must-have splurge.

TheRealReal.com, a website devoted to consigning luxury brands, is making the whole shebang even easier by putting the process online. Simply fill out a form with the goods you want to say goodbye to (think high-end brands like Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and the like) and enjoy free-shipping to whisk the approved items off to TheRealReal’s headquarters. Or, if you’re based in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York, ring up one of their merchandise managers who will comb your closet for you –and haul away unwanted styles.

It gets better: consignors can take up to 70% of the selling price, instead of the standard 50% offered at brick-and-mortar boutiques. What’s more, you can track their sales online, and earn credit towards future purchases on the site.


Look what we found! A like-new de la Renta number....

Unsurprisingly, TheRealReal.com has already scored some amazing pre-owned clothes and accessories, making the site a can’t-miss destination for high-end designer deals. Sign up for free membership, and you’ll enjoy stylist-curated daily sales, a noteworthy number of contemporary designer pieces, and personalized updates on new pieces in your size. We’re officially hooked!

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