Brette Sandler's swimwear care tips

Posted on July 11, 2012 by Melanie Charlton

When we finally find that perfect bathing suit, we want to make sure it lasts forever. That’s why we asked our friend Brette Sandler, the rock-star swim and resort-wear designer, to share her expert tips for swimwear care. Before you hit the beach, pool, or even your apartment building’s roof deck, make sure you read her rules.

Brette Sandler's swimware care tips


Avoid Rough Surfaces

“Most swimwear fabric these days are is of very high quality, and made to last,” says Sandler –but you should still treat your swimwear as you would delicate lingerie. “Always do your best to avoid rough surfaces, because pulls on your bottoms will ruin your favorite suit.”


Rinse After Wear

Chlorine, saltwater, and sunblock lotions can all take their toll on swimwear, so be sure rinse after each wear. “I like to rinse my suits in the sink with Kai Fine Linen Wash, which will make your bikinis smell amazing,” says Sandler. “If you must, you can also throw them in the machine on the cold cycle –but not if your suit has embellishments or hardware!”

Line Dry in the Shade...

And store each suit in its own clear storage bag (“Zip-loc baggies are fine,” she says) to keep them from getting tangled with each other. 

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