clos-ette case: the Veronica Beards

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Melanie Charlton

What do you get when you combine two of New York’s most stylish gals –who happen to be same-named sisters-in-law –with a shared sporty-chic aesthetic? That would be Veronica Beard, the ready-to-wear label Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard launched in 2010. These days, the duo are in the business of turning out American-made sportswear destined to become part of your daily uniform – think easy silk blouses, fur-trimmed blazers, and their now-iconic jacket with interchangeable dickies. In other words, the kind of pieces that at once elevate and seamlessly blend in with your current wardrobe. (We are unabashedly hooked). Here, the designers open up their downtown New York homes to give us a peek inside their closets.  
clos-ette case: Veronica Swanson Beard & Veronica Miele Beard

© Winnie Au

How would you describe your personal style?

VSB:  I try to have a pretty classic, clean look with a cool edge. I’m really into dressing in American classic looks for my daily uniform –always with really high heels and great accessories.

VMB: Where to begin…European, eclectic, sometimes preppy, sometimes rock & roll.  I love a classic look with a twist! 

Veronica Beard's dream closet

sweat storage

© Matthew Williams
Inside Swanson Beard's Clos-ette-designed closet

What’s your daily uniform?

VSB: It regularly consists of a blazer, denim button down, jeans and heels.

VMB: My daily uniform is a gorgeous blouse or silk t-shirt with a neckline that frames the face, coupled with a pair of skinny or wide leg trousers and an edgy jacket like a tux, moto or bomber.  My latest obsession is the VB crinkle patent leather shearling jacket.  

And your go-to look for a night out?

VSB: Typically, a short dress with heels or black skinny pants.

VMB: My go-to look for a night out is a black jumpsuit.  It’s hard to find one that fits well, but when you do, it is incredibly chic and comfortable! I’ll wear it with a tux or embellished jacket for more of an evening look.

shoe racks shoe storage

closet accessories

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What’s your fashion weakness?

VSB: Shoes, costume jewelry, and Zara!

VMB: I love motorcycle jackets.  I have an array of colors and fabrications from leather to sequins!  I love to throw them over jeans as well as over gowns.  A good moto jacket is hard to find, but it can BE your outfit. 

© Matthew Williams
Statement shoes and statement jewels at Miele Beard's

What’s the most cherished item in your closet?

VSB:  A vintage leopard coat. I hardly ever wear it… but it’s perfection.

VMB: I have so many! I am saving an Alexander McQueen silver lamé and white tulle gown for my daughters. It is such an incredible piece of art and was from one of McQueen’s last collections. He was a master!

VB on clos-ette too clothing hangers

VB on clos-ette too clothing hanger
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