Space Kit = Genius

Posted on July 12, 2013 by Linley Taber

In New York –and let’s be honest, just about everywhere else –“renovation” is synonymous with a host of awfulness: blown budgets, ever-stretching timelines, and the very real chance that the end result won’t reflect your initial wishes.

Enter Space Kit, an ingenious new design firm aiming to improve the entire renovation process. Here’s how it works: you give co-founders Sharon Davis and Celia Imrey a tour of the apartment, brownstone or home you’re looking to revamp. After a two-hour consultation, the architects will whip up a personalized and holistic space and design plan based on your lifestyle and needs. A couple of weeks later, you’ll have this comprehensive “design kit” in your hands, with all the necessary documents to bring to contractors for bidding.

Did we mention Space Kit specializes in green design with a focus on affordable and local materials? ‘Tis true. They’ll meet you in their material library to help select the perfect building blocks for your re-do, and will even provide the necessary permits and construction details to make sure you’re project goes as smoothly as possible.

It’s one of the best design ideas we’ve heard in a long time – and the gorgeous images from Space Kit’s portfolio prove it.


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