clos-ette case: Jaclyn Shanfeld of Shop-Hers

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Linley Taber

As self-professed consignment connoisseurs, we welcome any chance to trade our closet cast-offs for cold hard cash. And the new designer resale site Shop-Hers might just offer the sweetest deal out there. Founded by former model Jaclyn Shanfeld, the platform lets sellers name their own prices (a rare concept in the resale world) and offers a clever “Style Soul Mate” feature that directs buyers to sellers with similar tastes and measurements. “It’s the opposite of everything I can’t stand about consignment,” says Shanfeld, who has snapped up a stock of Clos-ette Too hangers to outfit the site’s L.A. showroom. “A fashion-obsessed girl like myself can now afford to buy the frocks I love, because I know that I have a social community of women ready and excited to buy them from me –at a price I can stomach.”  

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a creature of habit, always gravitating towards all things striped and mini. My overall style can be summed up as the ever-cliché (but in this case fitting) “urban chic”. Think short flowy dresses from Isabel Marant and Chloe booties in the daytime, and something McQueen with jeans in the evening. 

Who are your go-to designers and why?

Missoni, for the simple reason that it never lets me down. On the beach in Italy over a matching bikini, I feel relevant and elegant. Walking down the street in Soho, I feel confident and stylish. Easy to pack, never wrinkles and always timeless.  I also love Christopher Kane, because he's not afraid to use print and color. One of my favorite dresses we had on Shop-Hers this season was his “Graphic Bomb Print” backless dress (enough said).  And ALAIA because they never seem to get it wrong and I'm a sucker for anything fit-and-flare. 

Tell us about your own resale routine. How do you decide what to get rid of?

I sell dresses that have already had their ‘moment’, bags that aren't functional or trend-specific, shoes I can't walk in or are too afraid to even try, and sometimes classics when I'm ready to super size. 

What pieces would you never get rid of?

There isn't anything that I would rule out. Fashion is always evolving and I'm not hoarding clothing and bags for the daughter that I may or may not have one day. 

What are you currently craving for your closet?

A Chanel “Jumbo” (I know its cliché but a girl's gotta have a “Jumbo”) and an Acne Leather jacket (they are sold out everywhere and no one has yet to sell one on Shop-Hers. Hint-hint Style Soul Mates!)

What would your dream closet look like?

It would have all the charm of mid-century modern design, textured wallpaper, vintage fainting sofa and everything Clos-ette!

What’s your daily uniform this summer?

Stripes! Ha, no really, mini dresses and gladiator sandals; Celine floral cigarette pants; these fabulous cotton dresses I bought in Japan last week; Marni printed tops; and shorts by Rag & Bone. 

Whose closet would you love to raid?

Jackie O's! No contest. Can you imagine walking through her perfectly manicured rows of eclectic Chanel tweeds, exotic Pucci prints, Valentino gowns, and all of the matching headbands and hats? Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Not to mention the stories and secrets that each and every item holds. Dreamy!

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