clos-ette case:'s Elizabeth Nichols

Posted on December 08, 2011 by Melanie Charlton

The most cherished items in our wardrobe –and indeed, the rest of our home –are often the most unique. Which is precisely why we’ve bookmarked as our online source for one-of-a-kind treasures. The site boasts an extraordinary collection of goods from designers and boutiques all over the country –from estate jewelry to contemporary photographs to gourmet treats we didn’t know we needed. “The edited, trusted environment we present is a different kind of experience than what exists online,” says CEO Elizabeth Nichols of the site, for which our own Melanie Fascitelli recently curated a list of favorite finds. “We tirelessly comb and review products.” Nichols, a veteran of the retail industry, seems to apply the same thoughtful approach to her personal wardrobe: the closet of her Nashville home is full of distinctive quality pieces that stand the test of time.

clos-ette case:'s Elizabeth Nichols

Here, she gives us the scoop on her love of Manolos, her 107-year old style icon, and the Taigan finds at the top of her holiday wish list.

How would you describe your personal style?

I am all about accessories. I’m a shoe fanatic, and I love jewelry –both real and fashion jewelry. I’ve had a career of traveling for work, and accessories are what allow you to take a few clothes and change your look for day and night. And I never have suitcase packed without a pair of jeans, black pants, and a black dress in it.

Which designers can’t you live without?

I always try to have a black dress by Celine on an ongoing basis, because I think it’s so clean and simple. I have to admit, my shoe [shopping] happens with Abby at Manolo Blahnik. I would love to say that I find every single thing I own on Taigan –I would say I shop 99% of the time on Taigan –but I just have to get that Manolo Blahnik fix every now and then. My jewelry is just a broad scope, from Susanna Galanis fashion jewelry that I’ve gotten on Taigan, to Lanvin and their wonderful fashion jewelry. And then over the years, I’ve been a shopper at a jewelry store called Richter Gallery that has some wonderful Deco platinum, diamond and sapphire jewelry as well. [Our bestselling Travel Jewelry Case is the perfect home for your favorite baubles!]

VAID Cabochon cuff, available on Taigan

What’s the most cherished item in your closet?

It would have to be  my steamer. When you travel as much as I have, you just can’t have a closet without a steamer! But I have to tell you, in my closet I also have a picture of my adorable grandmother who died in March at 107. She was just the epitome of style and taste, and she was my best friend. I always kind of get a quick glance at her as I’m running out of my closet, thinking about whether or not she’d approve of what I have on. [Her style] was about picking wonderful things that you will enjoy for a long time. It was very much about quality.

What would your dream closet look like?

When we renovated our house, I think it resulted in a closet that meets all of my dreams and expectations. The only thing that it didn’t come with was an attendant that was in there 24/7 –because I tend to make a pretty significant mess in my closet. It’s built to be comfortable: I have a packing surface, a loveseat, and great organized places for scarves and such. But a closet is only as organized as the person who uses it! I have to work hard to keep it neat and orderly. I think sometimes, bigger is not better from a closet perspective, because it allows you to be a packrat.  [Our slim, flocked Signature Hangers create a streamlined feel in any closet!]

 What’s on your wish list right now?

At the very top is, without question, a set of skis. But I really am asking for the time to be able to strap them on and ski down the mountain at Vail. I would also love to get this bracelet we call ‘the jelly bean bracelet’ on Taigan. It’s from jewelry store in Chatanooga, Tennessee, and it’s just the most beautiful, colorful, contemporary bracelet. It looks like wads of jelly beans. It’s spectacular. Also, there’s an emerald and diamond Van Cleef broach that I would also put on my list as well.

Van Cleef & Arpel diamond and emerald brooch, available on Taigan

What’s your ideal shopping experience?

I just had one of the most ideal shopping experiences I’ve ever had, and the main reason it was so much fun was because I got to spend other people’s money! A woman across the street invited me to come to her home with the founder of Taigan –she wanted to have a dinner party for a small group of Nashville women, and she wanted to have us help get their Christmas shopping done. So, we projected the site up on a big screen and everyone brought their laptops, and we had so much fun sitting there by the fire, drinking a great Pinot from one of the Taigan wineries, and shopping to our hearts’ content.

Whose closet would you like to raid?

You know, given the fact that I consider Melanie Fascitelli to be expert on closets, I would love to go in the closet that she considers her pièce de résistance. And I guess from the standpoint of what’s in the closet, there is a professional gambler named Beth Shank who has a closet with so many shoes, it’s like a shoe museum. I have never seen so many shoes in my life. So for me to be able to go in that closet and spend the time looking at those shoes would be really a fun treat.  

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